Weather Guide

Wales has one of the world’s most moderate climates, with few extremes. However, Welsh weather is also one of the most changeable in the world. The sky is ever changing and it is as difficult to second guess as Wales’s chances of winning their next rugby match. It can be raining in the morning and sunny in the afternoon – the weather can be quite different only a few miles away. Some say that Wales doesn’t have a climate – only weather! To help you we have put together this Welsh Weather Guide.

Planning a holiday at one of our cottages?
Check out our Swansea Bay Holiday Weather Guide including monthly averages for temperature, sunshine and rainfall (”˜liquid sunshine’). Amazingly, you can check the UK forecast for the rest of the year, using Metcheck’s UK Singularity Chart or look at our Weather Sayings page – less science, more old wife. Be sure to treat long-term weather predictions with a pinch of salt. Remember the weather in Wales is changeable.

Already booked at one of our holiday cottages?
Check out the holiday cottage weather station for up to the minute conditions at Plas Farm and a short-term forecast. For an alternative and reliable short-term forecast, link to for a 1-3 day weather forecast  , 4-6 day weather forecast and 7-10 day weather forecast specific to the hamlet of Cilybebyll where the holiday cottages are. For an 8-14 day weather forecast on Metcheck, enter the holiday cottage postcode, SA8 3JQ. It is also possible to check sunrise and sunset times for your Welsh holiday cottage.

Plan your activities around the weather
Our short-term Welsh weather forecasts are provided by, a world leader in online weather forecasting. Their innovative approach to forecasting accounts for the elevation of the holiday cottages above sea level. Normal weather forecasts quote temperatures for nearby towns or else for valleys. As a result, their quoted temperature, wind and weather estimates are much more accurate. Their services are used by thousands of holidaymakers around the world to plan their activities day to day.