In the middle of metropolis is a secret slice of Eden. In Swansea’s city centre enter the sprawling greenhouse of Plantasia to a mini tropical paradise. Complete with giant African snails, poisonous frogs and over 800 different plant species – can you spot the monkeys or the native reptiles that live here?

Plantasia is more interactive than ever, with touch-sensitive computers and video presentations. With Sol, the talking sunflower as your guide, you can dig up some amazing facts.

Take a deep breath In the Ozone Layer and learn how every gulp of air fills your lungs with different gases. Breathing is impossible without help from plants – our main source of oxygen and oldest form of life on our planet. Green plants began to appear about 2,000 million years ago they introduced oxygen into the atmosphere.

Discover that soil isn’t just about dirt but is a living skin covering the world. We know less about life under our feet that the moon, yet everything depends on this vast hidden ecosystem.

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See how plants touch every aspect of our lives. From the food to clothes to medicines – without plants what would you eat for breakfast? If you were a plant, light would be on the menu because sunshine is a plant’s favourite food. Did you know a tomato plant drinks around two litres of water a day – the same amount as an average adult!

The Aquachamber shows how water moves around the planet and touches the lives of humans, animals and plants. Visit the Land of the Living or try to reach enlightenment with the sun’s powers in the Hothouse.

Plantasia now has three attractions in one. Go on the Wild Walk, and do some animal and insect spotting in the deer park, meadow, lake and woodland. Maze World is next door, with a maze for every continent. If you are inspired enough to start growing your own plants, Dobbies, the UK’s biggest garden centre, is also alongside Plantasia.

For more information on Plantasia and to see what’s on during your cottage holiday in Wales, please see the official Plantasia website.

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Getting to the Plantasia from Swansea Valley Holiday Cottages
(i) By car. Our self catering holiday cottages are an easy 20 minute drive from Swansea City Centre. Head two miles downhill to Pontardawe and then follow signs to the city. as you enter Swansea follow the signs for Parc Tawe. Plantasia is hard to miss – it’s the glass pyramid in Parc Tawe opposite Sainsburys. There is ample car parking next to Plantasia. For directions use the AA’s route planner alongwith the holiday cottage postcode, SA8 3JQ and the National Waterfront Museum’s postcode, SA1 2AL.